Tips for Living a Healthier and

More Enjoyable Life


Fat Does Not Make Us Fat

Sugar is the culprit

There is no shortage of dietary advice out there. In fact, you could drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with all the dietary theories, but there is one fact that is supported by science and it's that fat doesn't make us fat, sugar does. Take a look at this article by Dr. Mark Hyman. He explains why fat has gotten such a bad rap and that by including healthy fats and proteins in your diet you can lose weight, lower cholesterol and prevent or reverse diabetes.

When I start my day with an omelet, egg and avocado or avocado on whole grain toast, I don't suffer from a blood sugar spike and I'm not hungry until lunchtime. I encourage you to test this on yourself. Perhaps you could substitute an egg and whole grain toast for that bagel with cream cheese. If you feel better and have more energy then maybe it's time to incorporate more healthy fats into your diet.

Nepalese Dal

Lentils are a good plant-based source of protein


Nepalese Dal

My sister and her family hosted an elite climbing Sherpa from the Khumbu region of Nepal here on Cape Cod. Nima Tashi and his family live in the village of Pangboche, which sits at an elevation of 13,000 feet and is the highest permanent settlement on the trail to Mount Everest base camp.

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Lightening Your Load

Is it time to get rid of things that you don't use? 

I certainly got sucked into the consumerism cycle while raising my daughter. She had more toys than she could ever play with and more clothes than she could ever wear. I was constantly passing them on to others, and while it's nice to be able to help those in need, the time spent managing this "stuff" is time that could have been spent doing something more meaningful. Plus, it just passes that consumerism mentality on to the next generation.

I love this website, becoming minimalist. Joshua Becker and his family made a conscious decision to live a more minimalistic lifestyle and he shares some great tips for how you can do the same. Here are some of his most popular posts. They provide a nice roadmap for getting started.

Over the past three years, I've moved multiple times so I have been lightening my load each time. I still have a way to go, but I have experienced great joy in surrounding myself with just those things that I use. 

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