Cook Once, Eat Multiple Times

I'm a big advocate of cooking in bulk and then transforming that bulk into several meals. I made Nepalese Dal last week and served it over whole grain jasmine rice with sauteed greens and then transformed it into a breakfast bowl. I sauteed onions, butternut squash, carrots, kale, added the leftover dal then topped it with a poached egg. Here's a post that offers up some other great ideas:

Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week


Self Care: Dry Skin Brushing

Self-care is important and should include activites that nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Dry brushing your skin is an effective way to slough off those dead skin cells, stimulate your circulatory system and release toxins from your body. Many have reported that their skin glows and they actually feel better. All you need is a body brush and a few minutes before your morning shower. 

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All Calories Are Not Equal

Dr. David Ludwig did an interesting experiment with 12 teenage boys. He brought them into his clinic at Boston's Children's Hospital and feed them a diet that consisted of the same number of calories, but different foods.

Ludwig, who now treats obesity at Boston Children’s Hospital and is a professor of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, fed his teenage subjects meals that all had different ratings on the glycemic index, which measures how rapidly sugar rises in the bloodstream after a meal. 

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Have you been struggling to implement recommended lifestyle changes? Would you like to learn how to cook whole, fresh delicious food? 

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