I am not a big fan of New Year's resolutions as I find it more effective to make slow and steady changes throughout the year. In my experience, they have more staying power. 

When I read 20 Ways to Measure Success, it occurred to me that perhaps this is a better way to approach the new year: 

Might I take a moment and recommend some new measurements? Some new measurements that are not external in nature, but are internal—measurements that weigh the very heart and soul of humanity. And begin to give us a far better sense of who to trust, who to follow, and who to champion.

I continue to be inspired by Joshua's writings at becomingminimalist.com. His simple, pragmatic approach helps us to slow down the pace and appreciate that which gives meaning and satisfaction to our lives; friends, family and nature are a few that come to mind for me.

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Beet and Avocado Smoothie

Beet and Avocado Smoothie

Need to cleanse that liver a bit after the holidays? Beets are the answer and this delicious combination might just do the trick.

Originally, I concocted this recipe for my daughter and she loves it. This smoothie serves a dual purpose in that it cleanses the liver and gives you a nice blast of healthy fat with the addition of avocado.

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Working With a Health Coach

It’s often a challenge to get an hour to work on your nutrition and wellness goals with a trained professional. As a health coach, I create a supportive environment for you to do that.

Would you like to cut back on sugar, reduce cravings and learn how to cook healthful, satisfying meals? Or maybe you are trying to incorporate an exercise program that you enjoy into your busy schedule.

We can work together in person or via Skype to achieve your goals. Schedule your initial complimentary session today.

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