I discovered this new app that makes meal planning a breeze. You can import recipes you find on the web or input your own and use them to plan your meals for the week, month or year--if you're really feeling ambitious. It's a great tool for getting all your favorites in one easily accessible place.

Plan to Eat offers a 30 day free trial sans the credit card sign up in advance. If you decide to give it a go, feel free to add me as a friend and use the recipes I've posted in my recipe box. You can find me on Plan to Eat at SimplyWonderfulRecipes.

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Summer Dessert: Fresh Berry Tart

Wow your family and friends with this taste of Summer.

Berry Tart

Fresh Berry Tart

The farmer's markets are bursting with ripe berries and they are the inspiration for making this seasonal delight.

It's my favorite summer dessert and one that's always a hit with family and friends. It features both cooked and uncooked berries which are the perfect way to enjoy the ripe fruits. Look at that presentation! Serve this with a scoop of vanilla ice cream …

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Bee Wilson, Food Writer

Are our food dislikes genetic?

British food writer, Bee Wilson, has an interesting perspective on food preferences and how they come about. “We are as much driven by our likes and dislikes as adults as we were as children,” she says, “but that doesn’t come into the discussion. We just think how we eat is inherent, that we are stuck, for example, with our responses to sugary foods—powerless to change. In fact, we are incredibly open in our responses to food throughout our lifespan, but we don’t give ourselves a chance to change. Put simply, this means a so-called ‘inherited’ aversion to a foodstuff has less to do with genetics than it does with how you’ve experienced it."

So is it possible to retrain our brains and taste buds? I think so and the best way to do that is by slowly introducing new foods into your diet and temporarily suspending those rigid beliefs you may be holding as a result of a past experience. I watched my mother thoroughly enjoy asparagus this Spring after years of disliking it and just this week I made swordfish piccata for a young woman who never cared for it. She ate every bite.

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